Svan salt

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Svan salt or Svanetian salt (სვანური მარილი, svanuri marili) is typically used in Georgian cuisine instead of the usual table salt. In ancient times when salt was very expensive to buy, farmers would add hot peppers to their cattle salt so that the shepherds would not eat it or sell it to others. However, to be able to once again use the salt, shepherds came up with the idea to add garlic, various spices and herbs to it. This is how the legendary Svan salt was created. In Georgia, Svan salt is considered to be a universal seasoning added to meat dishes, soups, sauces, fish, salads, or used as marinade. Svan salt has a unique aroma which is unusual in our kitchens. Taste it and you will be pleasantly surprised by this authentic Georgian seasoning!

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