Ribbed cast iron grill frying pan, 280x280mm, H 45mm.

34.99 incl sales tax

This ribbed cast iron grill frying pan is used for ecology cooking, does not emit any toxic substances and is scratch-resistant (does not require any special kitchen tools for mixing or turning the food over when cooking). The 28×28 cm square pan has grooves and is heated quickly and evenly. The food won’t stick to the surface even if you don’t add oil. The cooked food acquires cross-hatch grill marks.
This pan is particularly useful in the kitchen for those who calculate calorie-intake: as it requires very little oil for cooking, the dishes prepared in this pan have fewer calories. You can cook almost everything in this pan: fish or meat steaks, roasted fruit and vegetables, cheese seasoned with a delicious crust for salads. The pan can be used with all types of stoves and grills.

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