Flavoured cedar wood baking plank

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These BBQ wood planks are used for baking in grills, ovens and convection ovens. Recommended for fish and seafood, perfect for pork, red meat, fruits and vegetables. The cooked food is placed on the baking plank which was previously soaked in warm water (recommended time – at least 1 hour) and then put directly on the grill grate or into the oven. While the wood plank is warming up, its aroma, flavour and aftertastes (natural essential oils that are present in the cedar wood) infuse into the dish which you are cooking. In this way, your dish acquires a pleasant cedar wood flavour which is similar to the flavour of cedar pine nuts. One BBQ wood plank can be used 1-3 times. The planks are made of 100% natural cedar wood.

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