280 mm-diameter deep cast iron frying pan, H 66mm.

34.99 incl sales tax

This cast iron grill frying pan is used for ecology cooking, does not emit any toxic substances and is scratch-resistant (does not require any special kitchen tools for mixing or turning the food over when cooking). This big pan – 280-mm diameter wide and 66-mm deep – is a must-have in the kitchen when you need to cook a lot, with little effort and without transferring food from your frying pan into the pot, and from the pot into the baking tray. Ideal for vegetable stews, casseroles, goulash and other dishes. This pan will enable you to effortlessly cook, roast, stew and even put the pan into the oven or grill, after removing the wooden handle first. Suitable for all types of cookers and grills.

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